February 2020

It has been a busy few months! Our amazing founder and CEO, Laura, alongside Sam’s Astrid starred in an awesome commercial for Chevron this past month. Check it out below or click here:

Screen Shot 2020-02-14 at 9.44.53 AM

IMG_8468We also got our fifth service dog in training. Honor is the newest and youngest addition to The Rescue for PTSD.  She was donated to us on Valentine’s Day 2020 by a very generous group of patrons who bid on her at the Kiss for the Cure event benefitting The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  She will be trained and hopefully paired with a Veteran from the Lone Survivor Foundation. Honor is being trained as part of what we hope will become a fantastic new Partnership with The Belle’s of Houston & the Lone Survivor Foundation !

Our February Group lesson was we believe the best yet!  We welcomed three new members and had eleven teams working hard.  We also had a few special guest visitors.  Jessica & Deanne from Paws for Heroes came to see what our group program is all about.  See more about their Organization on our Partner page.


And last but certainly not least, Jeff & Tuve participated in the group lesson as part of their 1-year check-in.  Tuve is doing an amazing job, she still knows all the commands we taught her and she never leaves Jeff’s side.  We could not have asked for a better partner for her!


January 2020

Happy New Year! We are so excited for the new year as we have some big goals to achieve. We will be starting Dallas’ training January 10th and Lady will get to work later in the month. Between the two of them and our ever-growing monthly lessons, we will have a lot to share in 2020! We are excited to finally have the resources to train two dogs, but we are still on the hunt for a great foster family as we are unfortunately losing our fosters due to a job change which will take them out of state. 😦
Our Group lesson for January was great – Anubis passed her AKC Canine Good Citizen test and Bravo’s obedience has progressed enough to have earned him his Service Dog In Training vest!  We are looking forward to our February Group lesson as Jeff and Tuve are visiting as part of their 1-year check-in with us!  None of us can believe it has already been a year for them!  We will also be welcoming three new Veterans to the Monthly Program next month, so exciting! 🙂

December 2019

We also had a great time at Rockfish Grill-Champions on December 18th for their community fundraiser!


Thank you so much to everyone who kindly donated to us on #GivingTuesday. In total we raised $1010 to support the care, training and transitioning of the next two dogs we are working with and further our monthly Group Program!

We are so appreciative of all of our supporters, THANK YOU!

Tomorrow is #GivingTuesday, a national day dedicated for people to support the Nonprofit causes they care about. We hope you will give to The Rescue for PTSD to further our mission of adopting rescue dogs and training them to become service dog partners for Military Veterans suffering with PTSD.

We are currently working with our third service dog and already have our fourth dog identified and ready to start work in early January. We hope to be able pair 4 more service dogs with their Veterans in 2020 and are so excited that our monthly group program is so popular as we can help more people at once! We currently have 6 members in our group program and are waiting on applications from 7 more Veterans who are interested in joining!

On #GivingTuesday Facebook and PayPal waive their service fees so 100% of your donation goes to your Nonprofit organization.

Thank you so much for your generosity, we could not do this without you!! Please continue to check our FB and Instagram pages to see your funds at work as we share the progress of our teams often!

Hailey and Jason’s Transition

We were so happy when Hailey’s Veteran Jason arrived on September 26th for the transition training and it was love at first sight for the two of them! It melts our hearts to see how bonded these two were from the word go (literally!)


Jason & Hailey had a very busy day on Friday getting to know each other: breakfast, a therapy visit, a training session, a well deserved nap for Hailey, dinner and then a group lesson with Sam. Hailey was a very good girl and showed Jason all her skills!

Saturday was another great day of training for Jason & Hailey, she absolutely knows her job! Jason worked hard to get to know all of Hailey’s commands and she was already becoming in tune with his voice and listened well. Agility class, brunch, and an outing to the store in the morning, a BIG nap for Hailey, then out again in the evening to work on commands and some dinner. Everyone was pooped!

On Sunday, Hailey was officially adopted by Jason and were on their way home! We were all a mess, but are so happy for both Hailey & Jason. We could not have asked for a more perfect partner for her, and a more loving family for her to go to. Once Hailey & Jason made it safely home and she was very excited to meet her new canine, feline & human siblings. Luckily, everyone got along great! We wish her, Jason and their family the best of luck in their new life together!

October 2019

October 2019

Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 10.08.53 AMOur Fall Fundraiser was a success, we raised $2645 which will be a great help to care for our next service dog! Thank you so much to everyone who participated, we are grateful for your support. We would also like to thank our generous donors for all the fantastic auction items! Stay tune for future fundraisers or if you’d just like to donate, you can do so here. 100% for the proceeds will go to the care of our next service dog.