Rank: Little Feet, Big Shoes

The most highly anticipated addition to Team Rescue arrived in style in the Fall of 2022! A big hunk of chocolate, eclipsing his siblings with a baby belly to envy and ears to fawn over, Tyton became the immediate love of the entire Rescue Family!

Tyton is the luckiest of all pups, welcomed into the most loving home of our CEO/Founder Laura Murray and her husband and our Treasurer Aric Murray. His Auntie Sam, our Director of Training, will make sure this smartie pants grows up with all the skills befitting of his name, and his Uncle John, our Advisor to the Board will make sure he gets out and about for a little boys’ time every now and then. And you can be sure the rest of his Aunts and Uncles have already started him well on his path to being the most spoiled boy that ever did deserve it!

Tyton will learn the skills of a service dog, of course, as well as therapy work, companionship, and hunting. He will help Team Rescue and his cousins Astrid and Maverick as a Demo Dog, showing new recruits how to sharpen their skills to support their Veterans.

Tyton has the biggest shoes to fill. We are sure his big brother Bolo talked him through all his plans before he sent him on his path and will be watching over him every paw-print along the way. With Bolo’s blessing, Tyton will be an unstoppable force for the Rescue Family and our mission!