Call-Sign: “Mavy”

Rank: K9 Recruiter

Mavy came to us as a multi-time owner-surrender when he was just over three years old. He is a lab mix with a tie-dye tongue and brown feet and nose. He is the happiest boy and the biggest pillow thief!

Mavy was trained and ready to go to a veteran when a mass was found on his spine. He had wonderful care thanks to the sponsors, supporters, and volunteers of the Rescue, and is now in excellent health. Because we want to avoid any future scares, Mavy is now the permanent son of our Vice President Jennifer O’Connell and our Advisor Andrew Moore who were his foster parents. Maverick is sponsored by Jennifer’s firm, Queener Law for all his adoption, training, and medical needs. His brother and “BFF” Winston was very happy to know that they will get to chase squirrels and bunnies in the back yard together for the rest of their lives!

Maverick has incredible skills and intuition for service. He goes with Jennifer to her office at Queener Law where she serves clients with traumatic brain injuries and other serious traumas, including PTSD. Mavy helps support Jennifer’s clients and their families as they heal through their trauma. His big brother Winston is teaching him how to go to Court with Jennifer and hang out with judges. And of course, Maverick attends Team R4PTSD events to help recruit Rescue volunteers, supporters, and other special canines like himself!

Thank you to Queener Law for sponsoring Maverick! Without partnerships like this, Team Rescue would not be able to rescue gorgeous souls like Maverick. And this particular sponsorship covered quite a bit of medical needs for this handsome fella. To find out more about our sponsorship partner, Queener Law, click on their logo below: