Support the Rescue

Yes, it’s true! Team Rescue is a 100%, all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. No one on Team Rescue gets paid for their work and no money goes to profit. All of the donations go directly to supporting our canines and Veterans.

How does it work?

Members of Team R4PTSD or members of our community find dogs in need. This is not hard. There are many homeless pets in need of families. We do not necessarily decline adoption of a dog because of medical needs. The biggest consideration is the temperament test, making sure the dog has the personality to be a great partner for a Veteran.

Then, the Rescue adopts and cares for the dog, making sure it is healthy, gets spayed or neutered, and is well fed and cared for. We take care of all the dog’s immunizations, grooming, and comfort. We also make sure all our Rescue pups have the materials they need for training, including leashes, collars, and place beds.

The most important part of providing a service dog to a Veteran is that we are helping the Veteran, not adding any anxiety or stress to their lives. We make sure we do not pass on extraneous costs to the Veteran or their family.

The Rescue for PTSD also provides and oversees the full and complete training and graduation of all our service dog teams. This, too, comes at no charge to the Veterans or their families.

What can you do to help?

Every dollar counts for our service teams! The average cost from adoption through graduation for a service dog ranges from $6,000 – $10,000. Even after graduation, some of our teams need assistance with food or special diets for their service dogs or for mending fences to keep their dogs safe at home. Your support provides care for these teams at every step in the process.

GO TO THIS LINK to find the donation method that best suits your abilities.

You can also SPONSOR A TEAM. You or your business can follow the service dog through its training and graduation and play an integral role in the service family!

Also, BUY RESCUE GEAR and show your support in the community!

Team Rescue welcomes you! Contact us to learn more about our upcoming events and other ways to get involved!