River & Michelle

Call-Sign: “River June”

Graduated: 30 Oct 2021

River June and Michelle have been delights for Team R4PTSD since they first walked through our doors! This teeny ball of energy has grown up to be such a bright and shining star for the program!

River goes to work with Michelle at Harris County Community Supervision & Corrections Department, and not only does she support Michelle there but she also lights up the rest of the community. She plays a bit role in Veterans Court, helping inspire others. And who could ever get used to those ears!

Michelle and her wife Amanda are staples at our Monthly Group Program, even though River has long since graduated. They welcome new Veterans, work in more skills with River, and help the Rescue develop and grow. They help us at the Rescue learn how to better serve our incoming and current Veteran families with new ideas and fellowship.

We love this precious family, and are overjoyed to have them be a part of ours!