Independence & Alisha

Call-Sign: Inde

Graduation: 18 June 2022

It is the 4th of July every day with this Service Dog Team! In addition to celebrating our country’s liberty, we also celebrate our service dog “Inde” – full name ViVA Independence! Inde was generously donated to The Rescue for PTSD by Dr Adam Scuik and his wife Katarzyna.

When Inde met her Veteran Mommy Alisha, we knew this was a perfect match! The two have worked harder than most because Inde is a steadfast and headstrong Shepard. Alisha had to learn the handling skills to match her!

This pair are part of a big Shepard Family! They have brother Drake, and now Inde’s twin brother Porter has become a permanent part of their family! To learn more about Drake and Porter’s journey, and how instrumental Alisha and Inde were in bringing them to Team Rescue, click here!

Inde goes everywhere with Alisha and puts up with whatever Alisha asks her to wear. She loves to play fetch and go to the beach. She also hits up breweries on the weekends. And this girl is no stranger to a rodeo!

Inde is as independent as her name, but don’t mistake her independence for a lack of skills or support. Inde knows that when her service vest is on, it’s time for work. She is always there to support her mommy, snuggling and leaning on her whenever she needs it.

Watch Inde grow in her photos below! She has developed from a teeny ball of fur with enormous ears to a regal queen who lives to serve her mommy and family. We could not be more proud of this team!

Inde was also graciously sponsored by Military.Finance for her training and care! That is a big deal because she and her twin brother Porter ate 5-6 cups of food per day each when they were growing up! To learn more about Military.Finance, click on their logo above. To sponsor an incredible Service Team like Inde and Alisha, click here!