Drake & Joseph… and Porter!

Graduated: 22 Oct 2022

When we claim that the Rescue for PTSD is a family, we do not mean that metaphorically. Just try and keep up with all the levels of familial connection in Joe and Drake’s story!

Joe came to Team Rescue by way of service dog Independence’s mom, Alisha. She and Joe have a beautiful family of girls and pups that came to our Group Program together month after month.

Drake is Joe’s right-hand man and has been for years. This pair have worked incredibly hard to earn their service dog vest and graduation!

Drake was hesitant to get involved at first, but once his little sister Inde started loving class, he couldn’t let her show him up! He had to get in gear and earn his vest, too! Now he rarely goes anywhere without her and vice versa, as all of his photos evidence.

But that’s not the end of the story! Drake is nearing retirement age and needs some relief from his duties from time to time. It just so happens that Independence has a twin brother named Porter! What better backup for Drake and Joe than Inde’s own brother?! Porter is nearly as massive as Drake and can learn from the best. Even better than that, he gets to spend his life of service with his best friend and sister.

Drake and Porter flank Joe everywhere he goes, even down the hallways of his home. Drake doesn’t mind a bit having Porter shadow him. There’s not an ounce of jealousy or competition between these rock stars. A real brotherhood has formed between these two men in service of their dad, Joe, and the love shared in this family is more than we could have ever hope for.

Porter’s training and care have been graciously sponsored by Sierra Container Group. Sponsorships allow the Rescue for PTSD to provide all service dogs to our Veterans completely free of charge. Thank you to Sierra Container Group for allowing us to give Porter a forever home and Drake and Joe a new service brother! To learn more about our Sierra Container Group, click on their logo below. To become a sponsor like Sierra Container Group and help sponsor an incredible family like this one, click here!