We are so thankful for our generous Sponsors, we could not do this without their support! 

We have multiple levels available if you would like to help Sponsor a Dog-Veteran Team.  Please contact us if you would like to be a Sponsor!


$250  BRONZE

  • The Collantes Family
  • The Stromboe Family
  • The Sullivan Family

$500  SILVER

$1000  GOLD

  • The Angelle Family
  • The Christianson Family
  • The Hardin Family
  • The Marchiano Family
  • The Murray Family
  • The Novakovic Family
  • Smith Seckman Reid (SSR)
  • Employees of the Houston SSR Office


  • The Brugger Family
  • The Pearson Family

Donations in Memory of

  • Mr. William F. Golding Jr.
  • Dusty James



Thank you to m Architects for sponsoring the graphic design of our website!


7Tgrqt1h_400x400  Thank you to Military.Finance for sponsoring Inde‘s training and care!