We are so grateful for our generous Sponsors. We could not do this without your support! 

$15,000 DIAMOND

  • The Brugger Family
  • The Murray Family
  • The Pearson Family


$5000 GOLD

$2500 SILVER


Donations in Memory of:

  • Mr. William F. Golding Jr.
  • Dusty James
  • Bolo Murray
  • Faust Scott
  • Winston O’Connell-Moore


Thank you to Queener Law, LLC for sponsoring our mission, including Maverick’s training and care!

Thank you to Sierra Container Group for sponsoring our mission, including Porter’s training and care!

Thank you to Military.Finance for sponsoring our mission, including Viva Independence’s training and care!

We would love to have you help support a Dog-Veteran Team!  These generous sponsorships provide everything from medical care for new rescues to fencing needs for the Veterans to taking care of all the vaccinations and spay/neuter costs before the service dog and Veterans become a permanent family. CLICK HERE to find out more. Please contact us if you would like to be a Sponsor!

Thank you to LoHi Lifestyle Magazine for supporting Team Rescue by donating time, heart, and page-space to our mission!

Thank you to m Architects for sponsoring the graphic design of our website!