Baxter & Travis

Graduated: 27 Aug 22

These two smiling faces have worked long and hard for their service vest because they had the tallest order… their both our biggest stars by far! Only our Treasurer Aric Murray comes close to Travis’s height!

Precious Baxter loves his Veteran daddy Travis dearly, and he works so hard to support him and follow his commands. His best skill, though, by far, is his snuggles.

Congrats to this pair!

A huge thanks to the Rescue for PTSD for providing me with the guidance, skills, and hands-on training to help my dog Baxter become more than just a pet, but a true companion. Baxter helps keep me calm and feeling supported throughout the day by performing his service tasks that create space for me in public settings. My partnership with Baxter and our training experience has given me an exceptional companion with a relationship that is truly unconditional. Baxter is an amazing dog and was made even more empathetic, attentive, and loving thanks to the hard work of laura and the incredible Rescue for PTSD team!”

– Travis