116335486_10102991716348826_4094670396222156053_nWinston is our Director at Large, Jenn’s eldest “child,” a 9 year old Shepherd/Carolina Dog mix. He was rescued from a reservation in New Mexico where was the lone survivor from his litter. Through this, Winston has always had a natural desire to be a member of the pack. He watches out for his little siblings, Layla and Piper, and has taught them a lot of important life skills like hiking and playing in the snow.

Winston is a leaner. He loves by leaning. He also loves to nuzzle the top of his head against your chest. He leaps like a prancing deer at the mere mention of a walk or a park, but his true passion is hiking. He has hiked over fifteen 14-ers and counting. He also loves spotting big horned sheep on the way to the mountains.

IMG_4512Winston was trained at home to be an all around good boy, but he learned his therapy dog skills through the help of the Rescue. He is excited to help his mom with her clients in her legal practice. All of her clients have been injured due to a traumatic event, many of whom suffer from brain injuries. Winston will be there through every step of their healing and legal process, supporting them and helping to brighten the journey.

Winston now proudly wears Bolo’s Therapy Dog vest, an honor he does not take lightly. He is excited to keep learning and one day fill the paw prints set forth by the others who have come before him.