Gus & Brian

Call-Sign: “Gus-Gus”

Graduated: 26 March 2022

Gus and Brian could not have been better suited for each other. This squat little kid with energy for days was perfectly built for Brian’s busy life and family!

Since graduating, Brian and Gus have gone on so many adventures together! They love to hang out at the pool, beach, and in nature. The whole family goes on hikes and have road trips and plenty of vacations planned together.

Gus and Brian have melded their loves together perfectly. Gus goes to work with Brian and out and about for shopping and family fun.

The love between these two is unmatched. And it extends through the entire family. Gus snuggles Brian’s kids and has become a member of the pack so easily. They all take naps together, clearly from the exhaustion of all their travels and activities. We could not be happier for this service pair!