Hailey & Jason

Call-Sign: “Bug”

Jason and his family officially adopted Hailey in September 2019! We are so excited and happy for both of them. To learn more about Jason and his life, check out our blog post here!



Hailey is sister to pups Darla and Oscar and two cute girls, as well. She also has a hamster and chickens as siblings. She helps foster and teach other Rescue troops like Freddy, and she is cousins with Therapy Dog Winston and KP Recruiter Maverick. When these three get together, squirrels beware! But also, all fears, nightmares, and anxieties. Hailey is a huge help to her daddy, Jason, who is able to coach softball for his daughters and go to their cheer competitions. She goes to work with him and keeps things in line. She even matches his Halloween costumes so he can go trick-or-treating and to school events with his girls.


Hailey is also a frequent flyer! She has racked up skymiles all over the country with her daddy, siblings, and mom. And she never flies without her favorite toy and some shades to keep out the sun.