Call-Sign: “Fred”

Rank: Trainee

Freddy literally just wandered into our lives one day and never looked back. This handsome boy walked up to the office of our Director-at-Large and Hailey’s daddy, Jason Presley. He was skin and bones and covered in ticks. The veterinarians estimated him to be less than a year old.

Freddy immediately became part of the Rescue family. He was fostered by Jason and Hailey, and their zoo of two other dogs, a hamster, chickens, two human children, and a foster mommy. His foster sister Hailey has taught him how to be a service dog and some extras like how to keep your yard free of moles. He has been accompanying his human sisters and foster mommy to cheerleading practices and work so he will be ready for his forever family’s outings.

Freddy cannot wait to be a service dog to his future Veteran family!