Ipa & David

Call-Sign: “Ipers” (“ee-pers”)

Graduated: 26 March 2022

Ipa was found by a good samaritan when he was abandoned to fend for himself. The good samaritan brought him to meet us in June 2021, and he has been a part of the Rescue family ever since!

Ipa has a smile that will charm any stranger, and it wasn’t long before he and David fell in love. These two are peanut butter and jelly. David recently told us, “No one understands me like Ipa does, and no one understands Ipa like me.”

One of the best parts of David’s day is the morning time when Ipa climbs into bed for a quick “good morning” snuggle. And one of David’s favorite things about Ipa is how he has made himself a part of David’s beautiful family! David’s wife, son, and daughters are best friends with Ipa. They join David and Ipa at our Monthly Group Class when they come to sharpen their skills, and David’s daughters have even started helping Director of Training, Sam, train other dogs in class!

With David and Ipa, the Rescue has become a family affair, and we are forever grateful for it!