Training Philosophies

The Rescue is dedicated to adopting, training, and partnering amazing canines with Veterans in need of assistance. 

20171007_150136We use praise-based techniques to train our dogs through basic and advanced obedience.  They take the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Test  to make sure they are Canine Good Citizens – well behaved in public and good with strangers and other dogs.  Additionally, all of our dogs are spayed/neutered as soon as we adopt them.

Our dogs may then get certified through the Alliance of Therapy Dogs as a Pet Therapy Team.  We visit Senior Living Centers, Schools and Veteran Facilities to enrich the lives of others in addition to further socializing the dogs.  We teach our dogs multiple service tasks which can help many PTSD sufferers, until they are paired with20171008_145438 their individual  Veteran Partner and learn additional tasks specific to their person.  We help the Veteran learn our training methods to ensure the Dog-Veteran partnership is strong and the Veteran can train additional tasks if they so desire. Our final step is to help the Veteran get their dog certified as a Service Dog so the team can go about their daily lives with confidence.

Dogs in Training:



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Current Certified Therapy Dogs:

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