Call-Sign: “Sweet P”

Rank: Trainee

Its double-trouble as Porter joins the Rescue for PTSD family with his sister Inde! Porter was generously donated to us alongside his sister by Dr Adam Scuik and his wife Katarzyna.

Porter has been fostered by nearly every member of the Rescue Team, Founder Laura and Treasurer Aric, Director of Training Sam and Advisor John, and Vice President Jenn and Advisor Andrew. He has so much love to go around, pound for pound of his extra large stature!

Porter will make an excellent service dog for a Veteran. His large size will help his Veteran feel safe and protected. He will also be a great help for anyone who needs stabilization.

Porter has tons of energy. He loves to run around and play with his foster-siblings! He chased Therapy Dog Winston around the yard as a pup, and terrorized his sister Inde and his cousin Grace for his entire life! He would make a great companion for an active Veteran who loves to get out and about!

We cannot wait to see this gentle giant meet his forever family!