October 2020

We had so much fun this Halloween! 


It’s almost Veterans Day and in honor of our amazing Canine-Veteran Teams we have created a 2021 calendar of them! We will have a Fundraiser starting Veterans Day (Nov 11) and each calendar will be $15 (in person pick-up) or $20 (shipped). 100% of the money raised will go towards the care of our full-training dogs and the training supplies for our Monthly Group Lesson Program teams showcased in the calendar!

We had a very successful lesson yesterday with our monthly Group Program teams. We will be keeping our amazing trainer Sam (Working Paws K9 Training) busy this month as two of our Canine-Veteran teams will be working their Public Access test as a last step towards graduating as service teams! We will hopefully have a STAR Puppy tester and another Canine Good Citizen taking his test at the November lesson. 

We would like to welcome our newest team Machelle and her handsome pup Hank. While a little overwhelmed with all the distractions, Hank finished up strong and was minding Machelle like a champ!

We would like to again thank the Klein Cain High School organizationPaws for Purpose for supporting us, and for coming to our monthly lessons and helping us work the dogs!

Great work to all our teams and we look forward to sharing next month’s achievements with everyone! Please stay safe.

Honor is such a little superstar! She and Sam (Working Paws K9 Training) made some new training videos to help our Veterans at home teach their dogs some new tricks! Check them out below: 

Front Command

Guard Command

Wait Command

You can see more of Honor, Mikey, Hailey and Tuve on our YouTube channel we’ll be posting more videos of all our dogs in the future!   One of our wonderful rescue partners, AARF Houston just surprised us with a sweet Giving Tuesday post in honor of our dog Mikey who was adopted from them! See their post below:  


This #GivingTuesday we would like to celebrate our former foster, Mikey. Mikey and his new mom just achieved AKC Canine Good Citizen status! They will be showcasing their three service skills this month. We can’t wait until he graduates as a service dog, and we’re so happy that The Rescue for PTSD partnered with us to get Mikey and Rita together! So happy for both of these two!   The Rescue for PTSD and AARF Houston are determined to help rescue dogs find a #furever home and we both care about our #veterans. If you are able to give to either organization, we can help more #canines and #humans. If money is tight you can help by sharing this post!   AARF Houston is not doing adoption events but we still accept online applications at aarfhouston.org. Please contact app@aarfhouston.org for more information about our dogs. Once your application is approved, we will schedule a meet and greet. Thank you for considering a #rescue!  

September 2020

Tango has recently been paired with his Veteran Ken, who happens to be the new VP for The Rescue for PTSD!  Ken is a retired Marine Colonel who has led a very interesting life which you can read about here.  We are so excited to have Ken on our Board and are thrilled that Tango is going to such an amazing home.  Ken and Tango will be attending our monthly group lessons so they can continue the service dog journey together!

We had such a fantastic Group Lesson yesterday, so much to share! Our teams have been working so hard and it shows! There were 7 teams working in our first group and 6 teams working in group 2. Three students from Paws for Purpose were also there volunteering to help train our full-service dogs. This all kept our amazing trainer Sam (Working Paws K9 Training) busy keeping everyone on task!   Congratulations to Rita & Mikey and Jordan & Dax, both teams took and passed their Canine Good Citizen Tests! They are now one step closer to having their pups be service dogs. Way to go ladies!!   We also welcomed new member Dutch with his canine partner Shadow, who are already doing fantastic practicing their obedience work. We can’t wait to share next month’s activities with everyone!

August 2020

Unfortunately, COVID-19 means we can’t have our Monthly Group Lessons. 😦 Luckily we were able to meet with one of our team, Jordan and Dax so he could pass his S.T.A.R puppy test! Congratulations Dax and Jordan! Next stop, the AKC Good Canine Citizen Test!
We are excited to announce that our Director of Communications will be fostering/training dogs for Veterans in Florida! If you are a Veteran or know a Veteran in Florida who has been diagnosed with PTSD and is in need of a service dog, please contact us via our online form to speak with our team and be added to our waiting list!

Our Monthly Group Lesson Program has its first graduates! Andrew and Anubis are officially a service dog team as of August 29th. They have worked so hard socializing, coming to every monthly lesson, mastering all the obedience, passing the Canine Good Citizen & Public Access tests, and learning a multitude of service skills. Anubis is an adorable 11+ year-old hound mix who loves her healthy carrot treats, and is ready to show off her skills to our newer members so they can visualize their end goal!We are so proud of all their hard work and are so excited for all their new adventures! For more about and to keep up with their adventures, check out Andrew and Anubis’ new page!


We are so proud to share that one of our Monthly Group Lesson teams, Brad& Bella passed their AKC Canine Good Citizen test during our August lesson! Our little Tango also passed his AKC STAR Puppy test and Honor passed her AKC Canine Good Citizen!

June 2020

June is a busy month! It is PTSD Awareness Month and the start of the hurricane season. To learn more about PTSD, we encourage you to check out the National Center for PTSD website and check out this newsletter from the Real Warriors organization.

In preparation for hurricanes and other disasters, it is important to have a plan in place not only for your human family members, but also for your furry family. Here are some resources about making plans for your service dog and for other family pets.


We are so honored to have been included on the NRD‘s great resources list to help those suffering with PTSD. We hope that we can help more Veterans who will hopefully reach out to us!


Meet Tango! The newest and now youngest addition to The Rescue for PTSD! He is ~4.5 months old and was an owner surrender a few weeks after he was adopted from the Houston SPCA. Stay tuned for updates and check out Tango’s page for more on our newest service dog in training!

We are so proud to share that two of our canine-Veteran teams passed their AKC Canine Good Citizen tests and our little Honor passed her AKC STAR Puppy test at our June group lesson! It takes a lot of time and dedication from our Veterans to consistently work and socialize their dogs to enable them to pass all our requirements and become a service dog. Congratulations to Ryan & Ellie, Brad & Bella and Ken & Honor for completing this important milestone! Enormous thanks goes to our amazing Director of Training Sam of Workingpawsk9training for donating so much time to help our Veterans succeed with training their canine companions!

May 2020

95899688_662878720927373_2778442346969169920_oWe are so happy to welcome Kyle & Whiskey to our family! Kyle, his wife Victoria, and their handsome 3-year old GSD Whiskey had their initial evaluation and first lesson with Working Paws K9 Training on May 2nd. Kyle & Whiskey will be part of our Group Program, and with Whiskey’s great manners be on the lookout for a Canine Good Citizen soon!


It’s Military Appreciation Month and we at the Rescue for PTSD are raising money to help find dogs for veterans on our waiting list, train the dogs we currently have for our 15 veterans in our Monthly Group Program, and continue to support our 3 graduate veteran and canine teams. Please help us support our veterans and service dogs! You can donate using our donation page or see our Facebook Fundraiser! Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 6.53.16 PM

IMG_0941We are back! Our Monthly Group Lessons have resumed! We are thrilled to have seen all of our 16 Veterans and their pups today after so long apart! We can tell they have been practicing their skills while at home – we have four teams who will be doing their Canine Good Citizen tests (Ryan & Ellie, James &Zeus and Brad &Bella) and Honor will be taking her S.T.A.R. Puppy test at the next lesson! The rest of the teams aren’t far behind, pretty soon we will be working Public Access tests and then be graduating some Service Dogs!!! We would also like to welcome Bernard & Marley to The Rescue family! They came to their first Group Lesson today and are already showcasing some serious talent! We look forward to the June lessons and hope everyone stays healthy and safe in the meantime!

98201933_10223239846844068_5320378119306084352_oThe Rescue for PTSD is raising money for the adoption, care and training of our service dogs in training! We currently have 16 Veteran-Canine teams in our Group Program and are starting evaluation on the next two Full Training dogs! We are so appreciative of your support! Shirts are $35 which includes US shipping. Please comment, PM or e-mail info@rescueforptsd.org for orders!! Thank you and stay safe!