January 2021

We would like to introduce the newest addition to The Rescue for PTSD family, DAISY!! She is our next service dog in-training and is as sweet as she is cute! She was found as a stray with a litter of puppies last summer and we are so happy we were able to adopt her and help her fulfill her life’s purpose as a service partner for one of our Veterans! She was a superstar today in her first agility and obedience classes. Please stay tuned as we will be posting more about her!


We are thrilled to share that Honor is going to be paired with her Veteran partner the end of March! We had 17 Veterans from the Lone Survivor Foundation apply for Honor and could not be more pleased that she is going home with Kurt! He is coming down to Houston from North Carolina for 4 days of transition training and will also work with Honor to be certified as a therapy team! We can’t wait to follow their adventures. Stay tuned for pictures of their meeting and transition week-end! We will miss her very much but she has an important job to do and we have more pups to train to follow in her amazing footsteps for waiting Veterans!

We had an amazing first Group Lesson of 2021 last Saturday, thanks so much to our trainer Sam with Working Paw K9 Training! We welcomed quite a few new members and saw impressive improvement from our regular Veterans & their pups! We have a few teams getting ready for their Canine Good Citizen Test and Public Access Tests in the coming months, so stay tuned for updates on graduations!! We are happy to welcome Earl & Jazzy and Eric & Prescott, and Harold is adopting our Apollo and will be working towards being a service team via Group lessons. Our newest girl Daisy met her Veteran Jerry, who will be working with her at Group lessons while she is with us in full training. We would like to thank the students with Paws for Purpose for their support and coming to all our lessons to help train our dogs! They better watch out or they will become assistant trainers soon!!! We hope everyone stays safe and healthy, and look forward to more updates as we are off to a very busy start!

Fun Fact Fridays

It’s Fun Fact Friday ! Are you ready for some fun??

2/26/2021-Today’s Fun Fact is about our partner Queener Law! We are partnering with them for a great fundraising event in Colorado this April! Their mission is to support victims of trauma from all angles, through their physical and emotional healing and the litigation process. Therapy Dog Winston and the QL Team strive to be there with their clients every step of the way, whether they are recovering from a traumatic brain injury, a surgery, or other types of physical and emotional therapy. They bring nationwide experience with the hometown feel of a small firm atmosphere. To learn more about Queener Law, visit their website at https://queenerlaw.com/. You can learn more about our event with Queener Law at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/141866780359


2/19/2021-Today’s #FunFactFriday is about our partner Houston PetSafe! Their mission is to solve the crisis of animal homelessness, helping the people rescuing, spaying, neutering, fostering, adopting and protecting Houston’s forgotten animals by finding long-term solutions to animal overpopulation, neglect and cruelty. To learn more about Houston Pet Safe, visit their website at https://www.houstonpetset.org


2/12/2021-It’s Fun Fact Friday! World War I propaganda posters would adopt the images of dogs to symbolize different countries. Germany was represented by the dachshund, England by the bulldog, and the United States by the pit bull. Other breeds that fall under the term “bully breeds” include the American Staffordshire terrier, the American bulldog, and the Staffordshire bull terrier. Our 4 “bullies” in training are happy to honor their country by being awesome service dogs for their Veterans! 

1/29/2021- Today’s Fun Fact is about our partner AARF (Adopt a Rescue Friend)! AARF’s mission is to help as many forgotten, broken and neglected dogs find a loving home as they can. We have adopted two awesome dogs from them (Mikey and Major) who are now part of our Monthly Group Lesson Program with their awesome Veterans! To learn more about AARF click here


1/8/2021- Happy New Year! Today’s Fun Fact is about Veteran Michelle! Michelle’s fun fact is that she is the program coordinator for Veterans Treatment Courts in Harris County while also working on my Masters in Addiction Counseling at Texas Tech!



2020 Fun Fact Fridays

12/11/2020-Our Fun Fact Friday for today is that it is Honor’s first birthday! She is such an amazing little girl, learning so many skills for her Veteran! It’s been so much fun training her and we can’t wait to follow her adventures year after year. We love you baby girl!


12/04/2020-Today’s fun fact is about service dog-in-training, Dax! Dax’s fact is that he likes to try to play with ducks but they end up chasing him away!


11/27/2020-Today’s fun fact is about Astrid! Astrid’s fun fact is that she will do anything for a ball!


11/13/2020-We currently have 16 Veterans in our Monthly Group Program and the number is growing! We are so honored to be able to help these Veterans train their own service dogs!


10/30/2020- It’s almost Halloween! It has been estimated that Americans now spend about 350 million dollars on Halloween costumes just for their pets. The dog is by far the biggest participant in the fall extravaganza, with the cat (especially the black cat) coming in a distant second. For all the money spent on the four-legged creatures, the pumpkin is the number one costume choice with the hot dog, pirate, bumblebee, and devil following in that order. (Thanks to Laura Murray for donating this sweet ballerina costume for Honor!)


10/23/2020- Today’s fun fact is about our President, Aaron! Aaron’s fun fact is that he has recently started sky diving and love it! His first jump was over the Hawaiian island of Oahu and he was hooked! As soon as the pandemic subsided, he will be back in the air!

Screen Shot 2020-10-23 at 12.10.20 PM

10/16/2020-Today’s fun fact is about our volunteer, Mary! Mary’s fun fact is that before dogs-she spent years showing horses- of course always traveling with her German Shepherd!


10/9/2020- Today’s fun fact is about Veteran Jordan. Jordan’s fun fact is that she can play guitar, violin and piano!


10/2/2020-Today’s fact is less fun, more informative. Our beloved Traxx (the personal dog of our President Aaron) was in a high-speed car crash. Luckily Aaron had harnessed Traxx into place and it saved his life! Both Aaron and Traxx walked away from this crash. It is a humbling reminder to us how important it is for everyone in a car (both humans and pets) to wear a seatbelt!

9/18/2020- When Aric’s not spending his spare time helping train The Rescue’s service dogs or keeping up with the accounting as Treasurer he spends his days designing the infrastructure for hospitals and medical facilities as a mechanical engineer!


9/11/2020- While not a “fun” fact, it is important to never forget. Today we are remembering all the victims of 9/11 and we are remembering all the heroes who were there to try to save others. We are remembering the hero dogs of 9/11. When the World Trade Center collapsed on September 11, 2001, nearly 10,000 emergency rescue workers joined in the efforts to help. More than 300 of those heroes were dogs. (Photo of Bretague taking a break from her work amid the rubble. She was the last known surviving rescue dog from 9/11. Photo: Andrea Booher, FEMA.


9/4/2020-Today’s fun fact is about our volunteer Stephanie! Stephanie’s fun fact is that she spent a semester abroad in the Greek Islands, where Ruth Bader Ginsburg was one of her professors (International Human Rights), as well as RBG’s husband, Martin Ginsburg (International Tax Law)!

Stephanie dogs

8/28/2020- Today’s fun fact is about our newest service dog Anubis! Anubis’ fun fact is she is our oldest service dog and is 11 years old! She certainly proves that old dogs can learn new tricks!


8/21/2020- Today’s fun fact is about our Secretary, Mitzi! Mitzi’s fun fact is that she is a Nuclear Medicine Technologist (but currently not working in the field)!


8/14/2020-Today’s fun fact is about our volunteer, John! John’s fun fact is that he played college football for two years!


8/7/2020-Today’s fun fact is about service dog-in-training, Bravo! Bravo’s fact is that while he has a million toys, he would rather play with rocks!


7/31/2020- Today’s fun fact is about our Director of Training, Sam! Sam’s fun fact is that she loves working out!

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 12.37.51 PM

7/24/2020- Today’s fun fact is about one of our Veterans, Andrew! Andrew’s fun fact is that he was a “Greenside” Hospital Corpsman for 6 years and is excited to be learning new tricks during our Monthly Group Lesson Program!


7/17/2020-Today’s fun fact is about our volunteer Carlynn! Carlynn’s fun fact is that she and her husband just adopted two kitten this past May! Their names are Purrcy and Tootsie! (Unfortunately Purrcy broke his leg playing but will get his cast off soon!)

Purrcy and Tootsie

7/10/2020-Today’s fact is about Orbit! Orbit is one of our skill demonstration and socialization dogs. His fun fact is that his favorite toys are squeaky and he loves to run around his house squeaking them and showing them to guests!


7/3/2020-Today’s fun fact is about our Vice President Ken Frantz! Ken’s fun fact is that his goal as a foster dad to our dogs is to disprove the old adage that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks; because in his words, “I’m the old dawg” 🙂


6/26/2020-Today’s Fun Fact is about one of our Veterans, Jason! Jason was in the Marine Corps for ten years and was medically retired after a TBI where he lost all hearing in his left ear, had a brain bleed and fracture. Jason now work as an Admissions manager for a residential treatment facility for mental health and substance abuse!


6/19/2020- Today’s fun fact is about our volunteer, Thomas! Thomas use to complete in obstacle course races such as Tough Mudders!

Tough Mudder

6/12/2020-Today’s fun fact is about service dog Hailey! Her favorite activities are chasing and eating bugs, dancing and playing in the rain, playing, going for walks and hikes and making sure that no squirrels come near her family!


6/5/2020-Today’s fact is about first responder Brad. Brad joined the local fire department in October 2008 and was accredited state certified in 2009 and became captain in 2014 though January 2020 when Brad switched departments. While Brad is serving as a firefighter, his goal is to make awareness for our first responders with PTSD because it feels to him it’s something that always gets pushed under the rug.


5/29/2020-Today’s fun fact is about our volunteer Karen! Karen’s family moved every 2 years while she was growing up, but she have lived in Houston her whole adult life!


5/22/2020- Today’s fun fact is about our Founder, Laura! Laura was an assistant Harbor Master at the Rosario Marina on Orcas Island as a summer job for 3 years during college.


5/15/2020- Today’s fun fact is about our puppy-in-training, Honor! Honor’s fun fact is that she is a quick learner, but would rather spend more time playing and running around than being on a leash learning all the commands!


5/1/2020- Today’s Fun Fact is about our Veteran Cliff! Cliff’s fun fact is that his home was gifted to him by Operation FINALLY HOME and the Houston Texans! They surprised him on the field, during half time, at a playoff game. How amazing is that?!


4/24/2020- Our first Fun Fact is about our Director of Communications, Sarah! Sarah’s fun fact is that she use to work as a DJ and office intern for her college radio station WXAC 91.3 FM Albright College Radio! Her show was on Friday Nights and featured music from all over the world!


December 2020

We received a very special treat for Christmas – we were able to see Hailey & Jason (and meet the rest of their wonderful family)! They continue to be an amazing team and we are thrilled that Hailey is still obsessed with Jason and is a fantastic service partner for him. Honor & Apollo also got to meet Hailey, so a wonderful Rescue for PTSD Holiday scene 🙂 Happy Holidays everyone!


November 2020

We are honoring our canine-Veteran teams by highlighting them in 2021 calendars created for our Veteran’s Day fundraiser. We are so thankful for our Veteran’s service and hope everyone will support this wonderful cause! 100% of proceeds will go to the care of our service dogs in-training and support of our Group Lesson Program.   To Donate, click here


  In honor of this Veterans’ Day, The Belles of Houston are hosting a fundraiser to support The Rescue for PTSD and their efforts to place Honor, a fully trained service dog, with a most deserving veteran! In partnership with the Belles of Houston, Honor is currently in training with The Rescue for PTSD team for a Lone Survivor Veteran!   100% of the proceeds of this fundraiser will go directly to cover the costs of Honor’s training, boarding, veterinary expenses and will also help provide her Veteran with the supplies needed to take care of her.    To Donate to The Belles of Houston’s Fundraiser for Honor, click here

image000000 3

  What a great group lesson today 🙂 We are so happy to welcome THREE new Veterans to the family! Michelle and little River are getting a head start with basic puppy tasks, like coming to her name! She is such a little smartie, we can’t wait to see what a wonderful young lady she grows in to! We also welcome Phillip and Harold, who don’t have canine partners yet, but we are actively looking and hope to find perfect dogs for them soon. We are also thrilled that another one of our Veterans Jerry came to class and worked Honor, while we are searching to find his canine companion as he is on our full-training waiting list.We hope everyone stays safe and healthy this Holiday Season!

Congratulations Ryan & Ellie, we are so proud of you! Ryan and Ellie are our second Group Program team to complete all our requirements and Ellie is now Ryan's SERVICE DOG! They have been amazing students, listening and implementing everything our trainer Sam (Working Paws K9 Training) has taught the class. We hope to continue to see them at group and agility even though they have graduated! CONGRATULATIONS!! You can learn more about Ryan and Ellie on their new page here