October 2018


It’s been a great few months – Astrid & Samantha completed their Therapy team certification, Tuve received her official AKC CGC Certificate, and we have had numerous successful training activities for Tuve.


SSR1Tuve and Bolo visited Smith Seckman Reid’s Houston office so that Tuve could gain exposure to an office environment, while Bolo went around visiting in his therapy dog capacity making everyone’s day.  We were asked to come back every week as it was “the best day at work ever” according to one employee! Tuve impressed everyone with her service skills and obedience, acting as if she spent every day hanging out in an office.

20181027_154548[1]Tuve also went on her first outing to a restaurant, showing off her excellent behavior staying down and calm during the entire meal.  She has now successfully completed all of the elements of the Service Dog Public Access Test.  We now just need to find her a Veteran Partner!

Did we mention she LOVES to swim??  20180824_161935

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