April 2020

92347579_645168212698424_1056510110265769984_oWhile we are dealing with the Covid-19 crisis, we were still able to have a great start to the month with Dallas being reunited with his Veteran Jeremy! Dallas returns home as a service dog and we are so excited for him! Jeremy did an excellent job socializing Dallas so our training went very fast. Dallas is a smart pup and now has great obedience and quite a few service skills under his collar to help Jeremy out. We are going to miss Dallas’s playful and cuddly personality, but he is set up to be an amazing companion for Jeremy. We will have 3-month, 6-month & yearly check-ins with them so this will not be the last we see of this great team!


Honor and Mikey were also featured in Working Paws K9 Training‘s “How To” video series to help pet owners train during quarantine! Be sure to check out their features by clicking on their names below!

Honor (Place)

Honor (Recall) 

Mikey (Under) 

Mikey (Up)

Our Pup Madness Bracket Challenge is fun for the whole family!
It’s basically a dog popularity contest in the format of the March Madness basketball bracket. Pick your favorite dog in each match-up, all the way to the Championship round! A $10 donation is appreciated, but not necessary to play. All proceeds to go the care and training of our service dogs! the day before our 14 May 2014 Monument Dedication

We are so excited to welcome Ken Frantz to our Board as our Vice President! You can learn more about Ken on Our Team page and stay tuned for more updates on Ken and Honor!

We also now have officially opened a LinkedIn page! To see our page and follow it, please click here!

We are so happy to share that Apollo went home to live with Miguel on April 19th! We can’t wait to start seeing them at our Monthly Group Lessons!

We also placed Mikey with Rita on April 21st! We are so thankful to AARF Houston for letting us adopt this fantastic pup so he could fulfill his life mission to be Rita’s service dog. Our amazing trainer Sam Scott (Workingpawsk9training) has already held a couple of lessons with the pair and they are working well together. They will be part of our monthly Group Program, and we know Mikey’s ultra-loving personality will help Rita immediately! Congratulations Rita & Mikey!!!

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