Hailey and Jason’s Transition

We were so happy when Hailey’s Veteran Jason arrived on September 26th for the transition training and it was love at first sight for the two of them! It melts our hearts to see how bonded these two were from the word go (literally!)


Jason & Hailey had a very busy day on Friday getting to know each other: breakfast, a therapy visit, a training session, a well deserved nap for Hailey, dinner and then a group lesson with Sam. Hailey was a very good girl and showed Jason all her skills!

Saturday was another great day of training for Jason & Hailey, she absolutely knows her job! Jason worked hard to get to know all of Hailey’s commands and she was already becoming in tune with his voice and listened well. Agility class, brunch, and an outing to the store in the morning, a BIG nap for Hailey, then out again in the evening to work on commands and some dinner. Everyone was pooped!

On Sunday, Hailey was officially adopted by Jason and were on their way home! We were all a mess, but are so happy for both Hailey & Jason. We could not have asked for a more perfect partner for her, and a more loving family for her to go to. Once Hailey & Jason made it safely home and she was very excited to meet her new canine, feline & human siblings. Luckily, everyone got along great! We wish her, Jason and their family the best of luck in their new life together!

For updates on Jason and Hailey now, check out their page here!

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