Welcome Tuve!

Tuve head shot smallWe are so excited to have found such a wonderful girl as our first Service Dog Candidate!  Tuve is an ~1 year old German Shepherd Dog whom we adopted from the SavAPet Rescue in Houston, which is based out of the Westheimer Animal Clinic.  After she was rescued from BARC (Houston City Shelter), she lived at the clinic for many months, where Dr. Huddleston and his fantastic staff worked diligently to help nurse Tuve back to health.  She still has another 6 weeks of intensive treatment to go, but we’re hoping for a clean bill of health by the New Year!!

20171225_090140Tuve won our hearts from the first meeting, where she learned how to fetch in less than 20 minutes and decided that snuggling was definitely for her!  She passed all of our initial tests with flying colors and continues to show off her skills in daily training.  She is working hard on her basic commands:  Sit, Down, Stay, Heel, Come, Kennel.  She is getting better every day with her socialization, but still has trust issues.  She loves to go to Tractor Supply, Lowe’s and PetSmart, and is very brave as long as her big brother Bolo is by her side telling her it’s all okay!

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